The Good Food

Unless you believe in the
multiverse, we only have one planet.

Yep, just one. Good old Mother Earth. Anyway, at Burger Urge we happen to really like the old girl and with that in mind we’ve joined the Good Food Revolution.
“Go home Burger Urge, you’re drunk again!” Am not! The Good Food Revolution is a real thing. By partnering with the GFR we’re pledging to change the way we do business, with the aim to:
  • Eliminate plastic from our restaurants
  • Implement robust recycling practices
  • Sourcing ethically produced animal products
  • Increasing plant-based menu items
  • Providing a greater offering that contributes positively to the health and wellbeing of our community
Pretty neat huh. For more details check it at:
Pretty neat huh?

For more details check it at: