The Science Of Delicious

The science of delicious involves a simple formula. When premium ingredients are tastefully and skillfully combined by a world class chef, delicious ensues.

“But Everybody use uses premium ingredients” we hear you say! Untrue. In fact, most brands that claim to be ‘healthy’ or ‘premium’ are actually just polling the wool.

We use premium grade beef with no fillers in our patties, our chicken is all free range, and our produce is fresh from the local markets.

We have low-carb, low-sugar and gluten free options, plus we cater for celiacs. It’s a simple science. It’s a Good Food Revolution.

The Science Explained

Our Beef
Our beef patties are 100% Australian Angus beef, sourced from family owned farms. We use premium cuts of chuck and brisket, and all our patties are hand-pressed. There are NO preservatives, NO seasoning, NO hormones and NO filler.

The Angus is a combination of the best individually selected “grass fed” and “grain finished” Angus cattle across the eastern states to ensure a good balance of robust flavour (grass fed) and juicy mouthfeel (grain finished).

Our Chicken
100% of our chicken breasts are from RSPCA Approved chickens. As the RSCPA themselves say, “Chickens on RSPCA Approved farms are encouraged to be active. They enjoy good lighting, perches, dry litter floor covering and enough space to move. The standards allow for indoor and outdoor systems that meet the needs of the birds.” 

Our Bread
Our milk buns contains a “sourdough sponge” which sets it apart from the rest. The recipes are created by our 3rd generation master baker who specialises in Sourdough. Aiding in digestion, this is a sourdough culture than is over a decade old, and goes into each and every milk bun we serve. There are  no added sugar and no additives.

Watching your carbs? Our low-carb “Super Dooper Bun” is custom-made for us and contains approx 11.5g of carbs and 21.5g of protein. Better still, it actually tastes like bread!

Our Sauce
All of our sauce is 100% Australian and by a family owned business in Thomastown, Victoria. There are no preservatives, no additives, and the sauces are low-allergen. Plus, all of our egg-based sauces (mayo, aioli, chipotle) use free-range eggs.

Vegan and Vege
Vege and Vegan options abound on our nutritious delicious menu. The Vegan Cheeseburger 3.0, New Mexico and Avant Gardner salad are all vegan, as well as the option for dairy-free shakes. Vegetarians can also enjoy the Field of Greens and the Maggie’s Farm salad. Our wholemeal buns are also vegan. 

Gluten Free
If you want to go gluten free, we have the bun for you. Made with water, gluten free flour, maize and rice starch, sunflower oil, tapioca, egg white, yeast, psyllium husk, apple cider vinegar, salt, sesame – it’s nutritious and delicious.