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Burger Urge

Burgers, Amirite?

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a burger shop these days, but you can count on one hand those that are actually good. Most have style, few have substance, and some even underpay their workers. Oopsie!

Anyway, this little spiel is about the evergreen BURGER URGE. We believe in the way burgers should be. That means the biggest, the best, the tastiest, the craziest. We’re the Tiger Woods of burger shops. And yes, we do remember the time he got high and drove into a tree. 
We’re the OG burger boys who were doing it pre-dab, pre-Gangdam style, and pre-every other terrible dance craze you ashamedly participated in. Now that we think about it, it’s not even that difficult either. Premium local ingredients, delicious chef-crafted recipes and… that’s about it. What else do you want?

Avalon, The original Burger Urge.

(If you’re thinking it looks like a brothel – Correct. It was one before 
we moved in. Don’t worry, we gave it a good clean.)